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About Paul Jorgensen

Paul's work is known for bringing a sense of peace to the viewer.  His paintings are evocative of a past when you were content and happy. Gaze into one of his paintings and you will be drawn into a warm safe blanket of colour.

As far back as Paul can remember, the most contented he was, was when he had a crayon, a coloured pencil or brush in his hand.  Now that contentment is brought back to life and emanates from the canvas, through the eyes of the viewer.  Paul is grateful that he was always encouraged as a young child.  During school breaks he was enrolled in "art camps" taught be established artists and it was only natural that after he graduated he went on to attend the Vancouver School of Art, now the Emily Carr School of Art & Design where painting was only one part of the education.  At the time "hard edge" paintings (flat coloured panels in structured grids) was in vogue, but it was The Group of Seven, The Impressionists and magazine illustrators that provided Paul with inspiration, and they still do.  These artists, in most cases, hint of a story in a specific landscape that intrigues him.  This is why he tries to incorporate an open gate, a glimpse of a car, or a path.  It hints of a person in the scene that the viewer just missed.

To learn more about Paul or see what pieces are available please Contact Us. 

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Paul's publications & community pieces

Paul's early work


Sketches & Studies

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